• View the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book 2 on Youtube

    View the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book 2 on Youtube

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  • Christmas Coloring Book Coming Soon!

    Christmas Coloring Book Coming Soon!

    Lucid Publishing is proud to announce that  their new Christmas Coloring Book will be released shortly! We believe that the Three-dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book & Paper Crafts will inspire your creativity with twenty-four highly detailed holiday designs. Best-selling Coloring Book Illustrator, Monika Mira brings you this unique and delightful art activity. The elaborate patterns are fun and relaxing to color. Thousands of different color combinations are possible, so your designs will always be unique. The ornament designs can be used for Christmas cards, decorations, and gift tags, or assembled into unique three-dimensional ornaments to hang on your tree. Inside the book, you will find intricately designed ornaments such as Christmas trees, stars, and fanciful birds, as well as simple but traditional ornament shapes, a tin angel, and a snowy church. Five blank templates have also been provided for artists who wish to design their own ornaments. These designs are fun for both kids and adults, so the book makes a great family activity. In fact, psychologists are now recommending coloring as a way to relax and relieve stress. Lucid Publishing doesn’t make any guarantees, but wouldn’t be nice if you could reduce holiday stress by simply coloring in ornaments from this new book with your family? The Three-Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book and Paper Crafts will be available on Amazon. Read More

  • New Marine Biology Lesson Released

    New Marine Biology Lesson Released

    Lucid Publishing is proud to announce the release of a Fish Anatomy and Biology Lesson for Grades 4-8. The lesson is adapted from Award-Winning title, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book. The lesson is appropriate for teachers wanting to add a little marine biology to their curriculum but also addresses other subjects like reading and art. The Fish Anatomy and Biology Lesson is available as a download from Teachers Pay Teachers and includes: Fourteen (14) pages of illustrated non-fiction reading on the following topics: Taxonomy, anatomical terminology, body shapes including form and function, mouth and tail design, coloration and camouflage, scales, reproductive strategies, and fun fish facts. Internal and External Anatomy worksheets for coloring and labeling Colorable illustrations for all anatomical features and body designs. Worksheets for mouth and tail design. Gyotaku fish printing art project that teaches fish anatomy. Swim bladder experiment/activity that shows has fish control buoyancy using Boyleʻs Law. Read More

  • Day of the Dead Coloring Book Released

    Day of the Dead Coloring Book Released

    Lucid Publishing is proud to announce the release of their new children’s title, Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book by award-winning illustrator, Monika Mira. The book comes just in time for the fall season, when kids and parents are getting ready for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. The coloring sheets have been available for a while on teacher’s websites like Teacher’s Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers, but because of their popularity, Lucid Publishing decided to offer this title in a book format. In just two short weeks, this book has already become a best-seller on Amazon! The Day of the Dead Coloring Book features ten original sugar skulls designs that can be colored in and used to string banners, decorate an alter, make masks, or for a cultural activities in the classroom. A blank skull template is provided for artists who want to create their own designs. Intricately designed sugar skulls are not all that the book has to offer. Also included is a 4’ child life-sized skeleton. The skeleton takes up about ten pages of the book and can be colored in, cut out and assembled by a child. The life-sized skeleton is perfect for Halloween decorations, party games, or even an anatomy lesson. Teachers who want to use the book as a classroom resource will find that they can cover lessons in social studies, world cultures, art, and anatomy. Additionally, coloring and assembling the skeleton as a class is a great team-building activity. Read More

  • Ocean Theme Nonfiction Informational Text for Common Core

    Ocean Theme Nonfiction Informational Text for Common Core

    Lucid Publishing is proud to offer several nonfiction informational texts including: The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book (yes, there is some serious information in a coloring book!), Fun Fish Facts for Kids, Coral Reefs, and Fun Fish Facts for Kids. We are not to proud to recommend some other great book published elsewhere like Hawaiian Monk Seals by Patrick Ching or Sand to Sea by Anne Fielding. Read More

  • Lucid Publishing Announces a new Line of Services

    Lucid Publishing Announces a new Line of Services

    Lucid Publishing is proud to announce that we have added a new line of services for your business. This includes designing custom coloring and activity sheets, children’s menus, and custom education and outreach materials for non-profits, schools, and government agencies. Read on to find out how we can help your business or organization with their needs. CUSTOM COLORING AND ACTIVITY SHEETS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Let our team design custom coloring and activity sheets for your customers. We specialize in high quality educational worksheets and coloring books, many of which are used in educational facilities. Forget using a generic template with cheap cartoon clip art. A custom coloring page or children’s menu that highlights aspects of your business or property will deliver a more personal experience. EDUCATION AND OUTREACH MATERIALS FOR NON-PROFITS, SCHOOLS, CONSERVATION ORGANIZATIONS, AND GOVERNMENT AGENCIES For non-profit organizations, government agencies, or conservation organizations, creating custom education coloring and activity sheets might just be the perfect way to meet your education and outreach goals. We specialize in creating simple custom artwork without the cartoon effect. We strive to bring nature to life more accurately so that you can educate your audience about the natural environment without the fluff. Our artists have backgrounds in education and conservation, so we can help develop worksheets that work for you. SELF-PUBLISHING SERVICES AND CONSULTING Looking to self publish your book? Lucid Publishing offers consulting and coaching services that teach you how to do it yourself. Read More

  • Back to School Sale on Teacher Resources

    Back to School Sale on Teacher Resources

    Lucid Publishing teacher resources including: Life-sized Anatomy Lesson, Build your own Coral Reef Mural Kit, Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Coloring Sheets and Life-size Skeleton, and Sign Language Alphabet Coloring Sheets and Room Border will all be on sale in the Marine Science and More Teacher Store at Teacher’s Notebook. Teachers Notebook is running a Christmas in July sale, so many other teacher resources will also be on sale. Be sure to check it out. Just follow the link above or in the Teacher’s Notebook widget to the right. Read More