Author Blog- Monika Mira

Author Blog- Monika Mira

  • Flip through of the Three Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book

    Flip through of the Three Dimensional Christmas Ornament Coloring Book

    A big thanks to Jennifer Shaffer for putting together this lovely flip through of my Christmas Ornament Coloring Book and paper crafts. If you wanted to know what it looks like inside, you can see all the images in this video. This book was designed for families to be able to color and create three dimensional paper Christmas ornaments for their Christmas trees. It is especially useful if you are on vacation and need ornaments, are creating a tree for your business and employees, a classroom tree, a tree for the Christmas pageant, retirement home, church group, etc. There are two versions of this book: hardcopy available on Amazon, and digital version which you can download and print out as many copies as you like (read license first) for your classroom, project, retirement home, etc available on TeachersPayTeachers. The paper in the hardcopy book is designed to be able to create the ornaments, but some folks like to print them out on cardstock to make the ornaments a little sturdier. The Christmas ornament coloring book includes all the instructions you will need to make the ornaments, but I am working on a video to show you how to create the ornaments as well. Read More

  • Creative Coloring Flip Through of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book

    Creative Coloring Flip Through of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book

    Jennifer Schaffer of the Creative Coloring Group does a nice flip through of our Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls 2 Coloring Book. Read More

  • Free Monthly Coloring Page Subscription

    Free Monthly Coloring Page Subscription

    We have decided to change the one-time downloadable coloring sheets to a monthly subscription. There is still no cost to sign up, just put your email in the box on the right hand side of the page and you will get free coloring sheets delivered right to your inbox once a month. To start off, you will get the Finding Dory Inspired clownfish and blue tang sheet, and then seasonal sheets will be emailed to you monthly. AND you can unsubscribe at any time. These coloring pages are suitable for both children AND adults. Sugar Skull Coloring Sheets went out this month. Read More

  • Sugar Skull Cat

    Day of the Dead Art

    Sometimes I dream about the vivid colors and shapes of the sugar skulls, alters, and flowers of the Day of the Dead. It is times like these that I have to abandon my black and white pen and ink illustrations and put some paint on canvas. This cat has been in may head for ages, but now he has come to life on canvas. I make these paintings available as prints, greeting cards, shower curtains and of course phone cases on Fine Art America. This painting is dedicated to those of you who want to remember and celebrate your favorite pet. Read More

  • How to Draw Sugar Skulls Video Art Tutorial

    How to Draw Sugar Skulls Video Art Tutorial

    Author and Illustrator of best-selling Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring books shows you how to draw your own sugar skull in this video. She starts in pencil, adds ink, erases the pencil, and you are left with your own design to color in. Don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Sheets. Read More

  • mermaid sugar skull

    Day of the Dead Mermaids

    Most of you know me as a coloring book illustrator. Black and white lines are my forte with a special affinity for marine life. BUT, I also like to dabble with painting. Since it is that time of year, I figured I would show off some of my mermaid paintings for Dia de los Muertos. This is where I combine my sugar skull illustrations with marine life or should I say, fantasy marine life? My Day of the Dead Paintings are available as prints, pillows, t-shirts, shower curtains and other fun stuff on FINE ART AMERICA, along with some of my other Day of the Dead art. Meanwhile, teachers are buying up my downloadable Day of the Dead Coloring Sheets this month, because they make a great additional to cultural lessons about Dia de los Muertos. You can find the coloring sheets on Teachers Pay Teachers, AND you can get FREE printable sugar skull coloring sheets right here on this website. Just sign up here. Read More

  • Coloring Book Previews

    Coloring Book Previews

    Sounds like our customers (that’s you) would like to be able to preview our books before purchasing. I will start to make those previews available to you. Here is a preview of our title for Dia de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Book 2. Read More

  • Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Collage Craft Tutorial

    Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Collage Craft Tutorial

    Author and Illustrator of the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Coloring Books shows you how to make this fun sugar skull collage with your students. Supplies for the project include: Elmer’s glue, scissors, construction paper (or magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper & other paper scraps), a sharpie, a pencil, the sugar skull template (available for FREE download in this post), and cardstock to print the skull template. First, print and cut out the sugar skull template. Next, cut the eyes nose and mouth out of a dark color. Then have the students use different sized cups, lids, jars, etc., to draw circles on the construction paper. These will be used to cut out different sized flowers to decorate the sugar skull. Cut out the circles and then wiggle the scissors around to make floral patterns. These need not be exact, just resemble a flower. Cut out pieces from the construction paper that are just a bit larger than the eyes, nose, and mouth. Arrange the pieces on the skull first to see how it looks. You can let some of the flowers hang over the edge and cut off the excess paper when you are finished. When you have an arrangement, you can begin to glue. I like to use Elmer’s glue, which I squeeze in to a recycled lid and then use a q-tip to apply it to the various decorations. Read More